Project Role

Designer and Developer

Project Deliverable

Responsive Mobile friendly Website on Wordpress.

Project Overview

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education of Western Australia.


The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education in Western Australia, Inc., provides professional level education which has traditionally been a requirement for those preparing for careers in ministry. It is a key requirement in the preparation process for professional chaplains. A program of professional development for experienced clergy and other spiritual leaders.

CPE programs are now being expanded to a wider audience of disciplines, including professionals in various medical, education, counseling, and leadership fields. Programs are offered by accredited supervisors (typically referred to as CPE Supervisors), and are located in healthcare organizations (St John of God Healthcare in Subiaco, and Royal Perth Hospital are the two current CPE Centres in WA).

Project Goals

Our goals for this project is to be able to market our services to those seeking Clinical pastoral education. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of as many students as possible. There are full time and part time units, day and evening programs, public and private hospital experiences, a variety of clinical placements and a diverse group of supervisors. The website will be a place where members can check to get information and scheduled events.

Project Use case

From here I did some planning and created several mood boards, wireframes, personas, competitive analysis and revised over the problems and goals once more. When I was ready, I then proposed my designs and solution to ACPEWA. As a result, there are several snapshots of the project below.


“Hi Shaun,

Since the launch of the website, I am writing to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the great work each of you did on the website.  The Management Committee was delighted to see such a professional looking site; some of them never in their wildest dreams thought such a well-developed, complete, user-friendly website would ever have become a reality.  On Monday evening I projected the site on a screen and walked about thirty people through the full site, and again, there was great joy and pride in having our association represented so well.  I’ve been contacted by some of my colleagues in the eastern states as well, and I hear no small amount of envy from them, as our website is by far the most comprehensive and well-designed site among Australian and New Zealand pastoral education programs.

It has been gratifying for both me and my colleague at St John of God to refer enquirers to the site.  I have already received a complete application from one person who used the site to apply to the RPH program.  It seems to work!

Helen is enjoying the process of learning WordPress. Thank you for the time you spent teaching her.

Thanks again!  As expected, things became full on at work right after the site went live, and now is the first moment I have free to get this thank you sent off. “

ACPEWA Vice President