Dragon Slayer

Project Role

Designer & Developer

Project Deliverable

Create a table top game.

Project Overview

Slay all the dragons and become the dragon slayer!

Dragon Slayer


Team based game, multiplayer, co-op, numbers/maths game, Sci fi, fantasy

Target Audience

All ages, people who like games


4-6 Players, teams of 2v2 or 3v3.

If you know how to play you could play 1v1 with someone else controlling 3 players each, which would also be fun.

Game Modes

Two available Game modes:

5 dragons – The team with the most dragons wins (3/5 = win)

Final 5 – Kill the final dragon to win the game. (Even if you lose 4, but you get the last one you win.)


Game Concept

This game is based off a game mechanic on league of legends. The last hit mechanic; when last hitting a minion you are rewarded gold, getting the killing blow on the dragon will award your team a buff.

In the actual game (league of legends) using the dragon can be a way to close out a game by receiving all the 5 dragon buffs you will get a buff that would make your entire team much more powerful.

In my game, it is exactly the same the team with the most dragon kills wins the game.

Similar to league of legends smite skill, we also have that in this game, each team has a “dragon slayer” who holds a 10 damage card, while all other players have 1-5 damage, it’s still possible for them to get the killing blow, but the dragon slayer is still the biggest threat, similar to the jungle role in league of legends with the highest potential to get the killing blow on the dragon.

A simple yet fast paced turn based game, similar to Uno or snap.

Game Design Doc

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Dragon Slayer v.1.0 (Available Soon)