Kimochi Club

Project Role

Founder, Designer & Developer

Project Deliverable

Online Website & Community

Project Overview

Anime, Music And Gaming community, for my discord channel.

Kimochi club is an Anime, Music And Gaming community, currently it has about 300+ members within the first few weeks and is still growing. This is just a personal/fun project I’ve created. For myself, a few friends, and people we’ve met on the internet a place we can hang out online. It links to Discord, an application we are using which allows us to share images, chat with voice, and interact with each other while playing video games or watching videos.

Project Goals

So the goal is the make a fun interactive website, for the community, basically, it will link to the discord channel, as well as share any social media for the club. Perhaps guild/game server information but nothing too serious. I’m using this project to improve my skills and try out some new things, so I’ll be having some fun with this one.

Project Use case

I dove right into this one. I knew I’d only have designed about 2 pages so I went straight into designing the theme, colors and the overall design of the website in photoshop. Once I was happy with the results. I set up my folders and workflow, this is the first project I’ve used gulp on, and so far I’m loving it. I did use WordPress for this one since I was fairly comfortable with it, however, i think for the next personal project I plan to explore a few other alternatives.