Milo Runner

Project Role

Programmer, Developer, Artist, Designer

Project Deliverable

Javascript HTML 5 Game

Project Overview

The longer you run the higher the score! Collect power-ups and stomp on enemies along the way!

Project Goals

This was a university project, So the goal here is to learn of course. We had few months to create a Html 5 canvas game running on javascript.

The other thing we had to keep in mind was, to keep the scope small. The criteria for this game must be suitable for playing during short breaks times during work, or on the train for a short amount of time.

Project Use case


Our tutor Brad Power introduced us to his game engine called Rhubarb. Because rhubarb allowed us to compile our game from CoffeeScript to javascript, we basically had a crash course on both javascript and CoffeeScript. During this time we also learnt how to make sprites and animations during this course.

After learning the programming languages we brainstormed several game ideas, at the time there have been many popular mobile phones games one being temple runner. Coincidently I also decided to make a runner game where you are scored based on the distanced ran. The deadline was close but I wanted to do so much more but of course. However, we have to keep the scope small.

Milo Runner

Milo Runner (v0.5) Source code is available on my GitHub.


I learnt a lot during this project, even though I did have a lot of bugs, I did manage to fix most of them. Towards the end of the semester, we surveyed several people who game tested our games to get feedback. Asking questions such as:

  • What do you think of the games difficulty?
  • Are the controls easy to control?
  • How does the art style make you feel?
  • Are there any noticeable bugs/glitches/problems?
  • When might you play a game like this?

As a result from the survey, we met our criteria: to create a fun casual game that could be played during a coffee break.

Game testing & player feedback is vital, as there will always be something you might have missed, and also just to have an extra opinion or thought. It’s also important to remember they will be the ones that will be playing it so.. essentially they are the ones you want to please.