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Project Role

Programming, Designer, Developer, Video Editor, 3D Modeler

Project Deliverable

Unreal Engine 4 Game

Project Overview

Follow OldMate as he takes on the hordes of establishment clientele through the ages.

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Meet the Team

Cameron Thompson:
Tech Lead, Design Lead, Production Lead, ScrumMaster, Lead Programmer
2D Art

Shaun Wong:
Video Lead, Testing Lead, UI Lead, Programmer

Val Tokic:
Sound Lead, 3D Character Lead, Rigging/Animation Lead


Theo Craig-Piper:
Documentation Lead, PR Lead, 3D Asset (Environment) Lead

Jakov Ikac:
2D Art Lead, Animation

Tim Mayor:
3d Assets

Brighton Pass:


Trailer (Outdated shown is of version 0.9)

Download Game

Download – Current Build Test (v1.3)

Workflow Process


For now you can view the Game Dev Blog