Shauns Network Q3 2016

Project Role

Founder, Developer & Designer

Project Deliverable

Website Update and Redesigned

Project Overview

It's that time again, for a fresh new look!

Looking Back

Old 2015 Website


Project Goals

  • Update the old website to look and feel more responsive, fun and easier to read.
  • Create my own brand and identity.
  • It’s that time of the year where I decide it’s time for a fresh new look, and update the website with the new skills I’ve learned during the year.
  • Create the new theme with sass, bourbon and neat.

Project Use case

First, I started off with a brainstorm of the colors that I liked that define me.  I decided to go with a ruby red mainly, with white, black and different shades of gray. I created a simple logo with CSS code brackets with sn (Shaun’s network) in them. However, I plan to change this sometime in future to something a bit more unique. As for now, I do like it.


I wanted some strong words that say exactly what I do, so I went with Design, code, develop and engage.



Created the social media pages

I thought about the layout of the information with wireframes, site maps, and user scenarios, and created the theme with the skills I have as of now, in the next update/redesign I will be incorporating all my new skills once again to create something awesome.

New Portfolio Page


New Single Portfolio Page