The Two Artists

Project Role

Designer & Developer

Project Deliverable

Portal 2 Workshop Mod

Project Overview

A portal 2 Coop Puzzle steam workshop game mod - Paint the room together and find the exit!

The Two Artist – Steam Workshop


Portal 2 – Workshop Mod: The Two Artists

Description:  Cooperative gameplay Portal 2 Mod: Paint the room and get to the end of the level.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Players: 2 players, Co-op

Elements: Goo, Weighted cube, fizz, water hazard, water spray, 3 triggers, Sentry Ai’s

Official Steam URL: View The Two Artists

Project Goals

Game Feel & Experience

Players are supposed to have fun painting the room with the goo to get to the other side, who doesn’t love the velocity and propel gel, I realised this may be too easy so added few extra challenges with the sentries however not too difficult.

Game Problem

Both players must get to the exit.

Game Solution
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